Dermal Fillers and Beautiful Lips

The Sydney Clinic to Trust with Your Lip Enhancement Treatment

With the advancement of medical technology day after day, almost anything is possible. For those who are looking to achieve plump and voluptuous lips, there are several different solutions. Dermal fillers can be used to smoothen out contours in any part of a person’s face and neck.

This lip augmentation method has been used for many years to put volume and structure into the skin in such areas as the naso-labial lines. But one of the most popular areas for treatment, particularly in this Sydney clinic, are the lips.

What happens in a lip injection procedure and what do they do?

Pumping gloss’ can help to give a slight extra fullness, but is minimal in effect and very temporary. Most people would also suggest being conservative with the lip liner. Overdo this and it looks more comical than attractive.

For more substantial volume and definition, people turn to lip injections. Dermal fillers are great to create volume. This lip enhancement method can be used to create subtle looks or voluptuous full appearance. Dermal fillers can also be used to help define the lip border. This is useful to help treat ’smoker’s lines’ or to help lift the corners of the mouth that tend to sag as we get older. This lip enhancement procedure will have some downtime and swelling or bruising may appear for a couple of days.

The results for this procedure are great, for they are almost instant and can last up to 9 months before requiring a top-up. As quick and almost painless as these augmentation procedures are, your doctor will need to make an assessment before the session. Before getting any invasive treatments, a physician has to make sure that any potential allergies to these fillers and anaesthetics are noted. Our Sydney team can conduct this session for you.

Another more invasive plumping solution is a lip implant. Transferring fat from one part of a person’s body to their lips achieves this. Although these implants are long lasting, there are risks. Lip implants are more prone to create scarring or uneven lumps. This procedure will also require a general anaesthetic, instead of a topical anaesthetic for injections. Both invasive and non-invasive filling treatments are usually done by appointment in a doctor’s office or hospital. Fat implants and implants will both tend to require an operating room and anaesthesia (which will also add to the final cost).

Our Sydney team are also available to conduct other enhancement procedures, including dermal fillers, wrinkle injections or laser treatments. Explore your enhancement procedure options with your doctor, as they will vary from person to person.

Get the most impressive lip augmentation results at our clinic

These days, there are walk-in clinics or high-end salons and spas that offer some of these lip injection treatments; some of which include wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Ultimately, the quality of each outcome to these treatments has, and will always depend on, the skills of the physician or administering person. By opting for the services of our Sydney clinic, you will be in the safest hands possible for your lip augmentation procedure – whether you’re after injections or an alternative enhancement.

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